farewell to twenty

December 27, 2018

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© 2017 by Cristine Buizon


Cristine Buizon is a Filipino-Canadian in her 20s floating lightly in the city of Toronto.  She has been blogging since her high-school teenage angst days to make sense of the transient and transitional periods of life and growing up. An unintentional connoisseur of feeling too deeply, she created Half Past Then as an online diary that attempts to document the sights and stories of the mundane. This is a space that welcomes the exploration of feelings that cannot be explained, and the attempt to express them. 


She attended the University of Toronto and graduated in 2019 with a BA in English, and with minor focus in Cinema Studies and Book and Media Studies. In her spare time she writes short stories and sometimes 


Cristine’s personal work is focused on themes of Asian identity, anxiety, and it's intersections with the isolated and anxious body and mind. She is inspired by fleeting moments and where they fit spatially and temporally.